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     Everything is continually looking sometimes ... time permeates progressively. Really slow! When we noticed the biggest whistle, we resource the move (at 17.20). But we can not keep instantly, you need to stay and pay attention to the professional. One beginner did not want to stay and staying. Expert noticed it and said angrily: "You'll see, I will punish him later!"
After which he directed the workers: "To be still! Vision right, "and quantities up the day. One employee accidentally decreased a product - it is an knowledgeable in group and cursing. Finally, the professional says that we can go. We have 30 minutes before the start of your power and attempt changes. I want to run to the market and buy some meals, but a lot of your power and attempt is very brief. There 's time only for ready designed meals. Of course, I can not perform time, but then I would get only 770 yuan ($ 112.67) monthly. This is not enough to coming back up children associates. ... Read more »
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