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    The smart mobile phone configuration with hi Lang new arena Hi6 have a spell, two intelligent mobile phone use over a 6 inch screen, like the new Hi6 wave and uses a larger 6.5 inch screen, Zhuopu big black is a 6 inch screen. Screen ZOPO ZP990 resolution for the most top 1080P, MTK6589T processors also equipped with 1.5GHz. Memory, there are 1G RAM 16G ROM/2G RAM 32G ROM configuration. The main camera two intelligent mobile phone is 1300W, a front facing camera, seelong new arena Hi6 adopted 800W, Zhuopu big black using 500W. The battery is slightly small waves, like a wave, like new Jianghu battery reaches 3800mAh, Zhuopu big black is equipped with 3000mAh. At present, seelong new arena Hi6 has shipped, there are 2G RAM 32G ROM configuration, the price is 1899 yuan. Although, Zhuopu big black price in the country has not yet been decided, according to Joop style also is controlled in 2000 yuan. Incidentally, Zhuopu big black in foreign sales of ZOPO Captain S ZP990 Smartphone 6.0 Inch FHD Screen the system is Android4.2, in China, will use the Ali cloud system. Have know Ali cloud system of friends, should understand Zhuopu big black.

More large screen quad core products emerge, large screen products will usher in the climax of the recent outbreak of. Hi Lang new Jianghu and Zhuopu big black is caught up with the first bus, the second half of the year there will be moreintensive firepower! We can pay attention to these two intelligent mobile phone on the market's performance.

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