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      Red rice millet phone ( mobile / 4GB) is a very attractive contemporary millet models, with high popularity , and its big screen, quad-core processor equipped , provides users with an excellent user experience, and advantage of its high cost has also been recognized by the user . Which is currently red rice millet phone ( mobile / 4GB) red rice phone is equipped with a 4.7 inches 1280 * 720 resolution screen ( Apple's suppliers in Taiwan AUO provided ), ppi to 312 , has reached the level of the retina screen . I also found that the actual observation , if not close to the screen , pixels particles is hardly observed . Screen viewing angle close to 180 degrees , and supports up to 10 touch points . Corning Gorilla Glass II makes the screen more durable use . At the top of this screen we did not see the familiar millet "MI" logo, the handset close to the top of the screen panel , the left is a 1.3 megapixel front camera , the light from the other sensors hidden in the black panel , it is difficult to detect. Bottom of the screen virtual buttons with red design, but still does not support background light , a little regret, but the state prompted the move to the virtual Home button lights below . Back at the top we see a 800-megapixel camera, LED flash in the camera at the bottom. Smaller speakers , so I once questioned whether there will be putting the volume of its low position , but I found the actual test , even in the relatively noisy environment , putting the volume is good , but the situation hardly break the sound happen. Red rice millet phone ( mobile / 4GB) phone is equipped with 4.7 -inch screen , the visual effect is outstanding , in addition to the performance of its performance is also very impressive, with its low price , and the phone Rear 800 pixel rear camera , has become the first choice for many consumers model,
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