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Vehicle Video Camcorder

    AEE as the most professional sports brand cameras Chinese, both in professional athletes, or limit game player groups are very well-known, many events can see AEE moving camera figure. AEE camera has high speed and ultra wide angle lens, the movement process of exciting photographed, using the image to convey an instant feeling to everyone. Resolution is an important index to measure the performance of a camera, and the snow, fog encountered bad winter weather, in the case of low visibility, monitoring the clarity of the image is more important. A surveillance camera in low visibility in adverse environment, accurate identification of the relevant vehicle information, vehicle monitoring and image to see the license plate number, if not up to the requirements mentioned above, then, bad weather and traffic monitoring will lose its own meaning, will affect the smooth and orderly operation of the traffic network in a certain degree. In addition, because the majority of traffic monitoring cameras are installed outdoors, in the snow day light dark environment, for the lowest illuminance camera made more stringent requirements.

Because the monitoring of the different environment, compared with other industries, there are many special professional needs of traffic monitoring, which puts forward higher requirements on the professional on traffic surveillance cameras, especially in the winter days are short and the nights are long, the whole day light time is relatively short, monitoring camera is more suitable for monitoring requirements at night under the.

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