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Vehicle Video Camcorder

City car quantity rises gradually makes parking resources shortage, a reasonable allocation of resources is imminent, the parking guidance system emerge as the times require, and provide an effective way to "solution to the parking problem.". At the same time, the city to solve the parking problem of the construction of a large number of parking lots, especially commercial real estate parking on an unprecedented scale, hundreds of parking in the ease parking problem has also brought new problems: find a car difficult. When the "find a car difficult" situation intensifies, become "parking difficult" side by side with the city traffic problem, the birth of the parking lot to find car computer system, timely fill the market blank. Coupled with the parking lot entrance control, management fees and other technology, each function branch modules of the current parking lot of the technology is more bundant, can meet the demand of the market, but the lack of effective coordination among the components, the system of product fight the enemy separately, makes the parking products in the purchase, installation and operation is inconvenience therefore, integration, to the effective use of parking resources and technology.

Full video intelligent parking comprehensive solutions, integrated real field system, relying on the powerful function of system itself and the advantages in the aspects of license plate recognition of complementary, realize fast approach, fast stop from the vehicle, to the owners for the car back yard, fast fast payment and a series of complete, fully automatic function, so as to effectively solve the the parking lot including shopping malls, airports and other public places, because car flow is large due to the slow, slow, parking fee, parking the car difficult social problems. Here in Xiamen City, the lake Wanda Plaza full video intelligence parking lot construction as an example, introduce the practical application of this solution.

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