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USB WIFI Adapter
     The micro-USB adapter module TJM35420MU program began in March 2013 with volume production , mainly for smart phones and tablet computer manufacturers and computer peripherals manufacturers sell .

TJM35420MU is the industry 's first integrated TransferJet transceiver IC , couplers, RF filters, passive components, and peripheral circuits TransferJet USB connector micro-USB adapter module . Users can with micro USB port such as smart phones and tablet PCs on the Android device two TransferJet communications, they need to do is insert the module into the port and install Android applications software.

TransferJet devices in about 3 seconds 3 hours 1 minute long transmission high-definition video. TransferJet is expected to be smart phones, tablet PCs and a variety of other devices are widely used . Toshiba will continue to develop and commercialize meet TransferJet standard transceiver ICs and modules. Individual users easily and quickly share photos , movies and audio data such as large-capacity multimedia files growing demand . In view of this , Toshiba has a large number of short-range wireless transmission technology meet TransferJet standard products for the commercial , which includes a transceiver IC , a compact wireless module, Micro SDIO card and USB adapter module , allowing users to simply two devices touch to achieve data transmission together . Micro USB adapter module is a new member of the family , can easily connect to smart phones and other mobile devices. TransferJet TransferJet is a close alliance to implement wireless transmission technology standards. As of January 8, 2013 , the Alliance member companies total 45 , including Toshiba . TransferJet technology for easy connection and high-speed data transmission , the power consumption is very low , users simply select the device screen on the device will transmit data files and touch the device to the receiving device . With a variety of devices and techniques ( such as digital signage and Near Field Communication (NFC)) binding , TransferJet technology expected to further expand the scope of application .
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