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USB WIFI Adapter
     Tablet and other smart devices have become indispensable in our life partner, along with increasing storage requirements , OTG technology is increasingly being applied to real life in the past. PNY as an internationally renowned storage vendors , has been working for users to create diversified and convenient storage environment , the previous stage , PNY launched OTG adapter A1, causing a great deal of market attention. PNY OTG A1, easy expansion for mobile devices , people feel free to share information , the following essays in the footsteps of this product for detailed evaluation. PNY OTG A1 uses a low-key professional black color, elegant gives a good impression . Product measurements for size 25mmL * 19mmW * 10mmH, weight 2.97g, very compact, easy to carry , plug on the cell phone did not significantly procrastination . PNY OTG A1 product surface marked a significant PNY LOGO, and black with a full three-dimensional product . Top of the adapter to support OTG, micro USB port , below the standard USB interface , OTG A1 forming one, simple fashion . Product Plug and play, then no other external power supply. Product Interface excellent workmanship , materials research , it is heart ages. The PNY U disk with data inserted into the PNY OTG A1 in and linked to the phone , the phone left "China Mobile" on the right will appear with a USB data cable tips , equipment has entered the connected state. Thus , we can be read by mobile U disk data , easily share expansion partial information . Android phones in the task bar, click on the icon you can quickly teleport to the file manager. Thus , you can be separated from the computer , through PNY OTG A1 U disk adapter to read the information , and instantly share with friends , making storage more comfortable . Below is read after connecting PNY OTG A1 U disk music and video files details of the plan .
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