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USB PC Camera

    Gionee mobile phone held product in Shanghai Film Museum listed conference, officially launched a new generation of flagship intelligent mobile phone ELIFE E7. This is called "the mobile phone" ELIFE E7 has a post 16000000 pixels, 8000000 pixels of two AF cameras in front of the camera and tough, with a snapdragon processor and other top 800 most powerful hardware configuration. A front facing camera ELIFE E7 is also very tough. Of course, from the earlier period propaganda can be seen, E7 the biggest selling points is taking pictures, in addition to said in front of the back 16000000 pixel +800 megapixel dual camera combination, E7 will be the main camera 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor size do. The camera application is quite versatile, regulating micro single mode support aperture, shutter, focal length camera parameters; support "zero delay" shutter motion mode; support the intelligent recognition of whiteboard content, meeting mode projection PPT, automatic cutting, correct angle, image sharpening and a key generating PDF documents. At the same time also supports voice, HDR camera, panoramic camera, intelligent beauty, track shooting, pedestrian elimination and group shot selection and so on present mainstream tastes photo mode, and joined the 9 real-time filter.

E7 system adopts Amigo2.0 operating system Android based customization, all the icons are the continuation of the design style flat, in short, life game, gadgets and other aspects of the design and optimization, the latest album logic design is very interesting, can be based on various types of packets: time mode (display time axis method), the character pattern (intelligent face recognition), position mode (location intelligent packet) and story mode (intelligent grouping), also can be designed into a theme slideshow.

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