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TV phone
    Compared with the previous version , the new version is more practical and convenient download manager , every time a user downloads a TV PPTV will automatically create a folder and TV episodes can be related to the folder you created simultaneously downloading, category management more clearly , download a set number of episodes and progress at a glance ! For drama with friends who can be described as extremely convenient , folder download the episodes not only easy to see the download progress , while convenient for the next watch and download . "Local Video " feature increases, so you can not even in the case of networking , you can also easily see the video , no network we are not afraid ! Want to open every point of the video , tens of seconds of advertising is not to make you very irritable ? Advertising time if too long, and even watch people lose the desire has been opening the video . Video interface clearly says to skip ads fail to realize ? PPTV latest Android Phone 2.1.6 version can achieve it , as long as the registration log into PPTV, will be able to skip ads directly watch videos , save a lot of waiting time , a move to meet the users' video viewing urgent psychological . For multi -screen interactive believe you had this feature is not strange, because this application is so attractive it ! Photos, music, videos, speaking on the phone screen is too small , not fun ? Nest on the couch you do not want to move too lazy to get up ? At this point, multi-screen interactive features began to play god matter, as long as your Android Phone and the PC are on the same LAN , when you play a certain video on the phone , it will automatically appear on the PC side are prompted to select the play, clarity is very terrible. When you select the PC side , your phone becomes the remote control ! Using a mobile phone to directly select the photo you want , listen to music , to watch the video ...... want something on something ! Phone instead of the remote control , everything So easy!
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