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   With the RK3188 main control become more and more mature, the strong chip gradually in the market to occupy an important position. In a 7 inch flat ranks, filled with all kinds of chip solutions, and control using RK3188 products are not many. You want a strong performance and flat outstanding portability as game, video carrier, products to meet consumer demand very few. Recently a 7 inch tablet appeared -- PiPO S1pro, compared to the previous products, S1pro to its own characteristics and excellent quality accessible to the public, will be the most loving party games, video party 7 inch plate. Looking at the current domestic 7 inch flat-panel market, with dual heat faded, quad core heat has a different chip wind. The quad core A7, A5, A9, though it is not a quad core, but their respective advantages. Quad A9 is the result of the test of the market, has the features of high performance and low power consumption. RK3188 integrated chip quad core A9 architecture, with out of order execution mode of CPU science, the highest frequency can reach 1.8GHz; GPU uses powerful quad core ARMMali-400, the highest frequency can reach 533MHz. Chip using the 28nm process, bring the power effect is very considerable performance improvement in at the same time, make an important contribution to the flat battery life. S1pro uses powerful RK3188 quad core processor, the strong performance, let you enjoy the game world.

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