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    Now more and more styles on the market the tablet computer, more choice, factor consumers consider also increased, also more critical eye. Product platinum M7pro with its 8.9 personality dimensions, excellent PLS screen, advanced RK3188 main control chip from the flat in the talent showing itself, much consumers favor, also equipped with GPS navigation, the compass, gyroscope, Bluetooth, HDMI and other functions, configuration, performance, comprehensive and powerful personality, can not only meet the consumption needs of self pursuit of unique, also can bring the perfect experience. M7pro fine, the appearance of the character, offers different consumer choice. It adopts the design, 8.9 inch of the market does not see more have a style of one's own narrow frame, design, ultra-thin plus, lighter, thinner, let M7pro little and dainty, easy to carry. The 16:10 screen ratio, also can enjoy the super large screen visual experience, whether it is reading, video, games are very comfortable. In the M7pro personalized elements into the innovation at the same time, screen display and portability has been a very good balance, let you with convenient, with comfortable. M7pro is also equipped with exclusive characteristics of UI, the interface is divided into the home, office, entertainment, four application module, module and the block model will page division, and each block the use of red, blue, yellow, green, purple and other colors as a background, but colorful, neat appearance. Users can also add controls and application of free, free to modify their colors. According to your idea to carry out the layout of the interface, creating a style of their own, unique personality, you can become their own designer. With the children's version of the interface, convenient for children to use, but also conducive to the parental control, built-in child learning, entertainment rich resources. M7pro excellent performance, the screen also has a strong endurance. Large capacity battery 6300mah, coupled with low power RK3188 quad core processor 28 nanometer process technology of excellent performance, provide the guarantee for M7pro life. HD video online for more than 9 hours, for demanding game player, M7pro full of electricity a day is more than sufficient. No longer frequent charge for trouble, no longer playing stimulation stalls pop-up a charging tips and a long life, M7pro is your strong backing to watch video, play the game.

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