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    8.9 inch full function tablet PiPOM7pro since listing, continued selling. Because 8.9 personality dimensions, display excellent Samsung PLS screen, the strong performance of RK3188 master, as well as full-featured GPS configuration features, won the majority of consumers. Platinum launched several products with personality-size flatbed, M7pro one of them. In the current tablet on the market size is not rich, M7pro 8.9-inch flat-panel market has added new elements, but also brings more choice for consumers. M7pro uses a very special PLS Samsung 8.9-inch screen, screen ratio 16:10, combined M7pro narrow frame, slim design, on-screen display with a portable tablet computer performance to get a good balance. Compared to the 10.1-inch large flat M7pro many lightweight compared to its 8-inch flat-screen wider viewing area, you need to go out frequently friend M7pro easy to do. M7pro not only has the dimensions of personality, but also has the best currently available tablet screen display. M7pro uses Samsung Electronics PLS screens, fully consistent with KindlefireHD8.9 screen. PLS screen is consistent with the principles of the IPS screen technology, but also incorporates the latest technology developed by Samsung Electronics, the screen display is 8.9 inch IPS screen than other better! In the realization of the screen 400 nits high brightness while, the screen contrast ratio up to 900:1 (compared with other 8.9-inch IPS screen 800:1), the screen response speed Geng Shibi other 8.9-inch IPS screen more than 1 times faster response time only is 16ms (compared to other 8.9-inch IPS screen 32ms). M7pro screen is full HD resolution up to 1920 × 1200. Screen pixel density of 254ppi, almost equal to the retina (retina) display accuracy. This high resolution makes this machine almost imperceptible pixel particles point, the text display is more crisp and clear picture detail richer, more vivid picture of the game.
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