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    A lot of correspondents are all considerably decrease one breathing, they mutually and nevertheless smile.
The originally Chinese suppliers strategy still doesn't go.Don't say that yourself designed the processer of highly effective, is 486 stages, they haven't attained!
They didn't considered of of, is a whole globe company, for getting 1.3 manufacturing precision, the researchersMini Alpha consumed how much intense effort.And, this is also so far.The great precision semi-conductor manufacturing strategy of Chinese suppliers suppliers, most for strategy stage ground variety in globe.
They is apparent, if actually contend, Chinese suppliers.Far isn't them ground opposition.
Not appear ten thousand can not help, he prevents to have to begin hostilities with the other party in improve.The battle now, beat with little formely little don't same as well create all, this was the way of life and loss of life to really battle to kill!
So, he more and more cautious warning, don't process more miracle ground 50 percent to tread!The Xiao is highly effective to keep on until a backlog enough actual strenght, then would immediately begin.Use incredibly fast and instant energy, beat the other party thoroughly Ku!He has already indicated family and allows Qin Yun Qiang specifically needs out to modify aspect and determines a display graduate student university and to be able to research battery energy pack of higher effect.If controled much troubles to gather light strategy.That he with offer the help of amazing skills, even if the display technology manufacturer of the whole globe is allied to put together and isn't his opposition either!
Huang Zhi is cheerful to awaken of, if the ONDA V975Swish globe world has amazing wish like this every evenings and flows to once is quite outstanding.
Last night is to put out 9 brigades to revenge, his "social intercourse" technical capability also gathered 205/300, although still just E area, technical capability effect already from E-rises to E+, will be easy with the stranger's company.As long as gathering complete this 300 technical capability experienceses, his "social intercourse" then can cost 2,000 essential calculi to promote to a D area and appear new technical capability effect.
As for that fights the technical ability"arrows Shu", to be able to providing one arrows just last night, only have wretchedness and predict the 1/300 of Ba currently, and that technical capability is actually to vary from "social intercourse" and beat with complete stranger and then can acquire, have to be fighting in the powerful actual war and capturing and livinging then a focus on to promote, it may be said the road was endless it to fix far Xi.
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