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    All along, the white mobile phone has a unique charm to attract consumers, resulting from fruit iPhone4 intelligent mobile phone white fashion, to Sony each will push the white version of the white version, intelligent mobile phone has been sought after by consumers. Meizu's fifth flagship mobile phone MX3, also cannot avoid custom to launch the white version, at the same time, by the vast number of consumers. Recently, in the vast number of consumers endurance of suffering, the Meizu MX3 white version finally arrive, the Meizu MX3 Meizu's first five flagship mobile phone, mobile phone the continuation of the previous generation MX2 style, ultra narrow frame, unique Home keys have seen the shadow of MX2. "Better to use large screen mobile phone" as the concept of the Meizu MX3, carrying a full screen attached to a 5.1 inch 1800 * 1080 resolution, color and delicate nature, with positive only for ultra narrow frame 2.9mm, bring the visual impact is very shocking. At the same time, the hardware configuration cannot be underestimated, Meizu MX3 adopts Exynos series intelligent eight core processor, memory and graphics card with 2G operation, the operation is very smooth and stable.

Since it is a "better with large screen mobile phone", in addition to large screen, of course "better". Meizu MX3 with Flyme3.0 operating system based on Android4.2 depth of customization, the Meizu MX3 large screen, Flyme3.0 has like the sideslip menu and pull-down hovering characteristics, the Meizu MX3 become the best on the market for large screen mobile phone. At the same time, characteristics of Smartbar and other popular also retained. It is no exaggeration to say, Flyme3.0 is currently the best use of the customization system.

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