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FreeLander PH20
   the Freelander PH20 (4GB) is the business "Shenyang Baiyue technology" to sell 299 yuan, the Freelander PH20 (4GB) technology innovation tablet computer, also brought new life more innovative mobile Internet applications for us, which makes the tablet computer become new favorites of young students, the Freelander PH20 with industry leading 5 G+G double glass capacitive touch screen technology, the front is a 7 inch screen, with a 800*480 resolution, the 5 touch operation and support, that God Walker PH20 control to a very smooth. In addition, the Freelander PH20 is also equipped with a new Andriod 4 intelligent systems, better performance, lower power consumption, multi task processing fluency, application load more quickly, touch more sensitive reaction! Freelander PH20 intelligent plate, as the popularity of PD10 version upgrade products, the Freelander PH20 uses all of A13 main control chip, the chip is currently the domestic use A8 core plate master the most extensive, with 1.5GHz processor frequency and MALI400 graphics core, performance is tough, graphics processing performance than the flat faster, games, HD and surfing the Internet are very smooth.
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