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Digital Picture Frames
    Digital Picture Frames to display digital photos instead of paper photo frames . Digital photography is bound to promote the development of digital photo frames , digital photo printing because the world is less than 35%. Digital photo frames are usually directly plug the camera's memory card display photos, of course, more digital photo frame will provide internal storage space to accessDigital Picture Frames external memory card function . Digital photo frame is a picture frame , but it is no longer used to show the way into the picture , but through an LCD screen display , it can interface through a card reader for photos from the SD card , and set the cycle way , than ordinary picture frame more flexible , to digital photos a new exhibition space. glass photo frame is made ​​of glass produced by the body frame, frame is glass block after cutting, carving, sandblasting , trimming, painting, polishing and other kind of process , finished colorful , elegant, bright colors , and practical and creative styling in one, unique and full of flavor . production process are: design - proofing - Revised kind - be kind - cutting - trimming - engraving - ( polishing ) painted - protective layer - backplane - quality - inner packing - packaging ( packing ) , often used flat white float glass or artificial crystal glass production, highlighting the craft required value . resin photo frame with resin as the main raw material , is a non- toxic environmentally friendly chemicals. The finished product has a metal strength . Frames are common in Imagehome decoration, we use it to binding memories, tastes beautiful . You can do it yourself like frame. Recommended 11 Creative photo frame, materials and tools you need to prepare a lot , you can be prepared according to their needs , such as pattern silk ribbons , paper cups , paper trays , double sided tape, rope , cardboard , wood , thumbtacks , ordinary wooden frame, colored cardboard, stapler and so on. Resin Photo Frame
Producing the resin material in liquid form , with very good fluidity easy to shape , is now the only market to produce high-strength material with carved products .
Resin Frame painted surface do color effects, exterior sculpture is handmade , hand polished, etc. processes come ; product of European classical style , is the result of historical temper classic , there is a rich cultural atmosphere ! Collection of modern art and antique art and one, very suitable for the living room, hotel, office and other places , that played a decorative effect, but also reflects the owner's elegant taste
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