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Android TV Box
    Dedicated multimedia audio and video products of independent research and development, production, sales and service enterprises. The company's main product lines include: LCD, HD player , color e-book , home multimedia terminal HMC ( HD playback 1080i/1080P + SD recording Full D1 + hard disk storage + LAN + DVB-T), network downloader ( Thunder download + BT Download + NAS) and a digital companion and more.

In the current high-definition player products brands, product homogeneity serious situation , the Di LADECA been adhering to personalized design , product function characteristics of the route, particularly its products work fine , compact size design Image of products, previous evaluation to Xiaobian had left a deep impression. In the current from TV to mobile phones and tablets are round toward intelligent era today , high-definition player market is certainly no exception , this Di LADECA songce new Android TVBOX, shaped like its name, the only palm- size, classic black and deep classic design , fine workmanship , smart little box there will be more powerful then what ? Bottom of the machine , an Android robot logo highlights it built a "smart chip" , so this is not only a traditional TV BOX HD player audio and video playback performance , but also has a number of software unlimited scalability. Internet TV Box product application can make an ordinary TV screen computers transform into large , large screen e-book , dynamic digital photo frame, stock machine , radio , game consoles and so on. Allowing users rushed stunning , open entertainment and learning , QQ chat , MSN, Messenger , office office , potatoes video , Youku video ......

Internet TV Box is the latest high-tech products to use , it can meet all kinds of people of different network requirements , convenient and practical and quick. Support wired network using RJ45 interface , support USB plug-in 802.11b/g/n (WIFI), supports USB plug-in 3G wireless Internet access, an optional built-in WIFI; support in English and multi-lingual ( Chinese is not limited only to use this product ) ; supports both wired and wireless mouse and keyboard, with infrared remote control ; built 2G ( for maximum support 8G) storage space, support 2-32GBSDHC card expansion capacity +; Android2.2 operating system.
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