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Android Tablet PC
       Speaking Lenovo PC + product layout , PPT in tablet deliberately drew a question mark , he said the most powerful one because Lenovo Tablet PC products not yet released , and he had asked everyone for the Tablet PC field views and opinions , in addition to asking everyone tablet PC use , it also specifically asked everyone to existing Android tablet What is dissatisfaction , but for this upcoming Lenovo "Yoga Tablet", he said, Android is not bad now , but Android overall standby time is not such as Apple , Lenovo 's tablet standby time longer than Apple , Chen Xudong, since the words used it watched five movies no problem , while the other one the biggest feature is the current PAD has a drawback , particularly is a 10-inch PAD, hold for a long time felt uncomfortable holding , while "Yoga Tablet" to solve this problem , the solution is " down the side of its center of gravity is , so the grip is very comfortable ," " Legend studied , now use the Tablet PC is basically at home with , so the Tablet PC is at home with a very important device , and will stay in bed with , what look video , watch videos now with a long flat grip may feel uncomfortable , Lenovo solved uncomfortable watching this video .

Chen Xudong introduction from the "Yoga Tablet" is a gripping design has a unique , long standby time, 10 -inch tablet . Yoga series now include 11.6 inches and 13.3 inches in two models , Yoga Tablet 10 will likely be Yoga series of the first 10 inches Tablet PC, to further expand the product line, Yoga , "Yoga Tablet" Lenovo will continue Image"YOGA" this has the familiar name will be released a new tablet product line family name because Chen Xudong phone when talking about that " in the future to be a series of hair products to send a series , not just a a land development, so as to be more stable , so that we can remember . " maybe " Yoga Tablet " will become a new Lenovo Tablet PC series .
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