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Android Car DVD Player

    The biggest bright spot in the car DVR scheme is used with a TD1002 baseband chip TD3001 GPS/ 2 Beidou dual mode navigation DVR module. TD1002 is a leading independent development of the GPS/ 2 Beidou dual mode navigation SOC baseband chip, built a ARM processor, a floating-point coprocessor, dual capture, dual mode tracking peripheral TD master ® independent intellectual property rights of the bus. The chip uses GPS/ the design method of 2 dual-mode fusion, support 2 independent digital intermediate frequency interface, can be flexibly configured signal processing channel operates from a single GPS mode, or a single 2 Beidou mode, or GPS/ Beidou 2 mixed mode. Due to using the GPS RF chip and BD2 RF chip is Pin-Pin compatible, so in the single board in the same welding different materials (RF chips and crystal), so that TD3001 can be used as a GPS module or the 2 Beidou module. In addition, the TD3001 module is integrated with the G-Sensor sensor chip, can induce 3D acceleration of gravity.

"Master has always been to become bigger and stronger as the cornerstone of the company's development of the industry. At present, has been successfully implemented the solution from the chip, module to the application service one-stop solution. Vehicle borne DVR the successful technical advantages eminent in Beidou navigation based on aspect, provides industry-leading Beidou double 2/GPS navigation function. This is not only the Beidou navigation technology in China began to be a proof that the scale business, let us see the bright dawn tomorrow Beidou industry." The general manager of Dongguan techtotop Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. peak said: "master Microelectronics will continue this advantage, accelerate product development and innovation, play a more important role in the construction industry in our country."

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